Monday, January 16, 2012

alas ..... !

May be a clown now ,
and a hunter then .
The passage of time is fickle .
Hunter became hunted .
Indeed the poison is sweet .
It never kills .
It makes you laugh
despite the unshed tears .
Alas a clown is born ...

පෙර දඩයක්කරුව 
අද විකට වෙස් ගෙන .
වැරදි මග පැමිණ ඇත .
නිවැරදි මගකුදු නැත .
දඩයක්කරු දඩයමට ලක්ව ඇත .
සැබවි ,
සුමිහිරි විෂකි එය .
කිසිදාක මියෙන්නට නොදෙන .
නොගැලූ කඳුළු තිබුණද
සිනහ වෙන්නට සිදු කරන .

ප. ලි .
විකටයන් බිහිවෙන්නේ එහෙම !


  1. I like this very much , actually i am the feeling that trying to wrap me is more mystic and i love it . I am feeling that i have lost in a prehistorical forest. actually i didn't consider the meaning of poem , i taste most of poem before understanding the meaning by the very first feeling , i got from reading.

    1. You have described the very state of my mind , when i was writing this . I am very glad to have captured it in these words .Cheers !